Valentin - Multifunctional Nursing Pillow


Valentin - Multifunctional Nursing Pillow

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Because we want the best for your family and ours, Maovic's multi-functional buckwheat hull nursing pillows are a natural maternity tool. Buckwheat hulls have anti-acarid, ergonomic, thermoregulatory properties and give off a sweet soothing scent, making our cushions a safe and eco-responsible choice.

Product details :  

  • Foldable C-shape, approximately 29" x 29";
  • Fabric ties to form an O shape for superior comfort;
  • Machine washable covers (washer/dryer);
  • Trendy fabric with a modern twist;
  • Each pillow has two sides, one side with a 100% cotton pattern and one side in a matching poly cotton colour;

Recommended uses :  

  • Body pillows to support the pregnant belly;
  • Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding cushion;
  • Deckchair cushion;
  • Positioning cushion for tummy time or learning to sit;

Image credit: Camylle Messier